40 Years of Civic Education
Developing Civic Leadership
Chief Judge Castillo with students from Maine East High School
Supporting Teachers
Professional Development for Social Studies Teachers
Learning Civic Responsibility
Students get their turn in the jury box with a hands-on Jury Experience
Weighing the Evidence
Students use evidence and sound reasoning to make decisions
Expressing Our Views
Students feel they have a voice and are being heard by adults
Having Civil Discussions
Attorney oversees a lesson about Constitutional Rights with elementary students
Serving Our Communities
CPS students work together to curb gang violence
Working Together to Change
Chicago students work to solve the issue of bullying in their school
Valuing the U.S. Constitution
Children holding their pocket editions of the U.S. Constitution
Connecting with the Community
There are many volunteer opportunities with CRFC

The Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC) strengthens American democracy by providing elementary and secondary students with hands-on learning about the Constitution to prepare them for informed civic engagement.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, CRFC is a national leader in the design and implementation of quality law-related and civic education (LRE) programs and materials for elementary, middle, and high school students and their teachers. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, CRFC lessons and curricula emphasize current and historical controversies involving rights, law, and policy.  

CRFC reaches out to our nation's youngest citizens through:

  • Interactive Student Programs

  • Cutting-Edge Professional Development for Teachers

  • Resource Experts in the Classroom

  • Innovative Curricula and Lesson Plans