2014 Bill of Rights in Action Awards Benefit - Support Civic Education
Serving Our Communities
CPS students work together to curb gang violence
2014 Teacher of the Year Awards - Civics, Law, Governement, U.S. History
Empowered Chicago Students Paint Anti-Bullying Murals
Conference for Social Studies Teachers - Civic Education, Law Education, Democracy Education
Supporting Democracy in Chicago
Developing Civic Leadership
Chief Judge Castillo with students from Maine East High School
40 Years of Civic Education
Learning Civic Responsibility
Students get their turn in the jury box with a hands-on Jury Experience
Honoring Civic Leaders in Chicago
Weighing the Evidence
Students use evidence and sound reasoning to make decisions
Working Together to Be Agents
Chicago students work to solve the issue of bullying in their school

The Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC) strengthens American democracy by providing elementary and secondary students with hands-on learning about the Constitution to prepare them for informed civic engagement.


Young people need strong tools for, and methods of, clear and disciplined thinking in order to traverse successfully the worlds of college, career, and civic life.  They need the intellectual power to:

  • Recognize societal problems

  • Ask good questions and develop robust investigations into them

  • Consider possible solutions and consequences

  • Separate evidence-based claims from parochial opinions

  • Communicate and act upon what they learn

And most importantly, they must possess the capability and commitment to repeat that process as long as is necessary.

~C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

CRFC is here to help them do just that.